(On his emotions on his up and down season in Buffalo) “I’ve seen things happen over the years being in Buffalo, so it wasn’t anything surprising. Why fight it? Why go back and forth against it? Why go against the grain? Just kind of embrace and just be thankful for the opportunity to even be in the position I’m in.”

KnockOff Handbags “Our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico need help and this is a race against time,” said Todd Insler, Chairman, ALPA United Airlines. ALPA pilots of United Airlines are honored to fly these skilled workers and medical professionals to San Juan today, and will continue to support the humanitarian efforts going forward. We applaud these brave volunteers who are dedicating their time, selflessly leaving their homes and families, and answering the call to help. The strength of the unions represented on this flight comes from workers joining together to help one another. territories, or where it needed most. So many working families have lost their homes, their workplaces and are struggling to survive. In the labor movement, solidarity is our strength. Virgin Islands feel the solidarity of our union family. Please donate what you can to the Union Community relief efforts today. And this incredible partnership will bring skilled workers to the front lines to deliver supplies, care for victims and rebuild Puerto Rico,” said President Richard Trumka. movement is at its best when we work together during times of great need. But we are even better when we find common ground and partner with business and industry on solutions to lift up our communities. This endeavor is entirely about working people helping working people in every way possible. In times of great tragedy, our country comes together, and we are committed to doing our part to assist the people of Puerto Rico.” KnockOff Handbags

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