Butlerspace: This trope is part of a Running Gag. Princess Seness’ personal assistant Eirote has a penchant to stay out of frame until the moment Seness yells for her, at which point she materializes behind her seemingly out of thin air with a calm “Yes?” and a polite smile. Calling Your Attacks: All spells require a vocal command to activate. Raquel Casull is especially good with this, since all of her spells have ridiculously short names and charge times (as evidenced by a hilariously one sided battle in the first episode against a Mauser priest).

Canada Goose Jackets After Optimus Prime dies (the first time, that is) in The Transformers, Megatron takes it poorly, and becomes convinced Optimus is still alive and planning something. His madness eventually winds up causing him to shoot at the Space Bridge, which promptly explodes and apparently kills him. Or not, as it turns out Megatron was just Obfuscating Insanity, and using his ‘death’ as a cover to return to Cybertron. He just miscalculated when shooting the Space Bridge, resulting in a spot of Laser Guided Amnesia. Canada Goose Jackets

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