cheap canada goose cheap canada goose Most species of lemurs, which are primates native to Madagascar, are threatened; 16 percent of species are classed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as critically endangered. Branson told the BBC that his existing efforts to save lemurs in Madagascar were failing due to continual deforestation and political unrest.1 Now he wants to provide a haven for thirty individuals on Moskito, one of the two islands that he owns.

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Canada Goose online However, that same ability to alter soil architecture that is so valuable to gardeners and farmers is also dangerous for habitats in which worms should not be present. Even worse, people don’t seem to realize that the earthworms tunneling through their flower beds and lawns are most likely introductions that arrived as early as the early 17th century. Today, roughly 45 European and Asian species, including the well known nightcrawler (Lumbricus terrestris), of baitshop fame, and the redworm (Eisenia fetida), frequently used in vermicomposting, have joined the hundred odd native worm species that survived the last ice age, along with exotic species from less well known groups such as Amynthas, Octolasion, and Aporrectodea. They have embedded themselves so deeply in their new home that many of us have accepted that these earthworms have always been here, busily tilling and enriching the soil for our benefit. Without a second thought, people continue to distribute and release invasive earthworm species in community composting heaps, potted plants, and bait shops, just as early English colonists dumped soil ballast crawling with worms from their ships hundreds of years ago. Canada Goose online

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