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Wonder Wheel 2017

In a 50-year and almost all-round work, Woody Allen has improved and improved his artistic rules and he does so with his new film. We have been on Coney Island1950 over the years. Justin Timberlake tells us stories that can be filtered by his imagination: James Belushi and his wife, Kate Winslet, by his daughter Juno Temple, are a scene from the whole process of human confusion. All and his scientist, great Vittorio Storaro, work with a distinguished driverled by Winslet in an exciting protest, a revolutionaryenergy, have created an exciting film experience and are absolutely amazed.

According to the best book The New York Times, WONDER tells the most interesting and warmest stories of August Pullman, a boy with the first difference of five degrees, goes to elementary school for the first time. According to the best book New York Times, WONDER tells the story of the Pullman’s interesting and cool feeling. Then he made the difference from the frontUntil he found out that this prevented him from attending generalschool, Auggie became impossibleHelden when he entered the fifth grade locally. While families, new classmates and all the big communities are trying to discover their sympathy and acceptance, the bad journey ofAuggie will make them all and prove that you can not mix when you are born.

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