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Replica Bags His work includes: Adventures Of Superman, where he famously didn’t have Superman throw a punch for a whole year. A short run on Uncanny X Men opposite Grant Morrison. He feels it was a bit of a creative failure, but it touches on some themes he would later develop in. G a “cosmic” series inspired by the work of Jack Kirby. Automatic Kafka, an early work for Vertigo, heavy on the Metafiction. A number of Marvel miniseries about the early days of The Avengers and the original X Men, as well as the six issue miniseries Vengeance, a spiritual predecessor to Kieron Gillen’s Young Avengers and the first appearance of America Chavez. Sex, currently published by Image Comics. His Marvel villain Zodiac might the best example. as a superhero sponsored altruistic endeavor. Crimefighting with Cash Doing It for the Art: Casey freely admits that his work in animation pays his bills, freeing him up to only do comics projects he really cares about. Lemony Narrator: In Catalyst Comix and G he often sounds like the unholy offspring of Stan Lee and Grant Morrison. Metafiction Mind Screw: In his more out there work. He is often regarded as the Replica Designer Handbags American counterpart to Grant Morrison. Reed Richards Is Useless: Casey characters often make serious attempts to avert this, usually with the aid of the cash mentioned above. Stealth Sequel: Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers made even more explicit the link between Kirby’s series and his earlier Fourth World saga Replica Bags.