Brushless RC motors today means affordability for all, low maintenance with the opportunity to experience and enjoy high performance!Hi Zee, I guess it all depends on the track and whether its a high grip or low grip type of track. There are a few things to consider, firstly a 5 turn motor in the wrong environment can get you some great thrills only to be short lived by damaging your gearbox internals. This type of motor is very powerful and I’m more inclined to suggest a 10T motor that will still give you lots of fun with the right gearing without the expense of replacing the internal gears of your gearbox!.

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For the ultramarathon Micah never had an entrance fee, it was always donations. He had a number of rules for the races: no photos, no commercial interests, no awards and no whiners. He wanted to preserve the primitive lifestyle and the running nature of the Tarahumara Indians.

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