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Maxthon MX5 Cloud

Imagine a unique platform that you can use on any device that you can jump from one device to another without losing the progress of your online work. Imagine if the platform is a browser and imagine it is a managed cloud. Imagine if you can get online, work from there and organize your message from it. You do not need to imagine more because Maxthon5 / MX5 is here and configured to be the fastest web browser in history.

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TheMaxthon5 / MX5 Cloud lets you simplify your online activities with one browser running on the device you own. The Maxnote function allows you to tag web pages and edit the way you view information about a site in the future. The Passkeeper function allows your browser to save your passwords securely and automatically generate hard passwords and fill them for you. UUMail acts as your virtual mailbox service where you arecan get all your emailsFrom all your different accounts, you can classify them, make rules and even respond to their names, but keep using one interface. You can even create a set of virtual email addresses and manage your interface. The tool itself is very fast. Most Internet users are used to freeze or sometimes maintain functionality, but MX5 lacks the hardware supported by supercomputers.

A truly exclusive navigation system Webwith sophisticated integrated tools

The interface of TheMaxthon5 / MX5 is elegant, yet fundamental in a more rational and functional way. The tools and functions are intuitive for people who are not indirect internet users. The web browser window is correct, and options for tools and files are on the left. Each tab opens to reveal more files and tools, which means you can quickly navigate to the desired tool or you can keep your card open for maintenance.from the browsernet Your progress is registered online and even if you stop using tools on the device, you can activate another device and continue using MX5 from the stop. Changed from Maxnote (formally infobox), to go, back to UUMail to the web browser is very easy thanks to tabs that are executed through the top of the interface.

Conclusion: this tool is the vision of the future

Now MX5 shows what an internet browser can do, people will start to look in other web browsers.It’s more than a browser: it’s an online tool that you can adjust to a very high level to increase your activity on the Internet. Microsoft Office 2007
TheMX5 has the ability to help everyone, from social networking examples to valuable app developers. It has the flexibility and power to use as a simple Internet ease tool, even for its use as a cloud-based workstation. The previous representative of Maxthon is very impressive, but the versionthis is really pioneering.


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