Besides infrastructure, other sectors in focus include education, healthcare and, as they have never explored PPP as an option of infrastructure development, says Abhijit Bhaumik, a senior consultant with 26 years of experience who worked with firms like Feedback and others before going it alone.Bhaumik says that he spends most of his time in Tanzania and is soon starting a new project in China.In the last four to five years, he worked in Bangladesh, Kenya, Indonesia and Vietnam.In fact, consulting has been on decline since the last few years of the UPA government. But it has now virtually come to a standstill, industry watchers believe.With the sharp spike in business in West Asia and Africa, EY created AIM Advisory (Africa, India and MENA businesses of EY Advisory) in January.Already, it is 7,000 people and 250 partner strong.Ram Sarvapelli, Partner and National Leader, Advisory Services, EY India, says that many of these countries are at similar crossroads as India and are looking at building capabilities in newer areas like digital, analytics and cyber.They were also focussing on transformational solutions for some of the largest and similar industry problems digital and smart cities with governments, smart grid for power and utilities, building digital businesses in financial service and newer ways of accessing consumers in telecom and retail.has allowed us to hire partners with wide global experience and use teams seamlessly across these markets related site Hermes birkin ReplicaReplica Hermes Handbags more about Hermes Replica bags, Sarvapelli says, adding that EY has doubled revenues from these two markets.Many of the African countries are exploring identity (Aadhaar like) based citizen service delivery models.Access to high quality automation and technology capabilities is big in demand across GCC nations. Sarvapelli says that EY is also working with several Indian origin groups like Sobha, Alanasons and Landmark which are looking at expansion in these markets.Back home in India, “What happening can at best be called body shopping low level work that needs hands and feet so to speak, according to a consultant.This involves more data collection, collating stuff and making some presentations rather than any high level strategic inputs or work..

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