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Brotherhood 2017

Brotherhood 12 years before the main story, five friends who grew up in orphanages planned armed robbery at a local gold shop. Five friends ah Tak (chief), Gang Gou (Ah Ah c), Guo Wong, Ah Cai and Wah Zai. When robbing the shop, they found misery and started sharing the police.
During the chaos, a pregnant woman was accidentally shot by a misguided bullet. To be filled with regrets, Ah Tak put a gun and given it. Despite being surprised by his actions, ahlibakiappeared, as well as Wah Zai that the driver planned robbery and escaped himself, except for. 12 And years later, Ah Tak and others were released from prison, and they would know that Wah Zai became a rich businessman with gold, they stole for a moment. the team is now planning to take revenge on Wah Zai.

Language: Cantonese

Text: Na

Classification: P13

Broadcast Date: 21 December 2017

Genre: Drama

Main point: not available

Distributor: MM2SDNBHD Entertainment

Starring: EricLin, Bernard Hiew, Ganz Koay, Sky Kang, So in January, Sherlyn Seo

Directed by: Silver

Format: 2D


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