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Five Nights at Freddys 4

Five nights at Freddie 4 is the last and the worst part of this horrible story. This time, the terrible Freddie Fazbear, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy and others went into your home. You play as a kid who has only a flashlight to fight the monsters lurking in the dark. Can you survive by the morning?

Fear night

For the uninitiatedis “Five Nightsat” Freddie is a series of pop-ups with dots and clicks of horror games. You just have to survive at night in the dark.
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Five nights at Freddie’s 4 game in a similar way to previous games, but there are changes. Camcorders more for control, no pizza and no security management gates. What remains? If you play like this unnamed child trying to survive in their bedroom, you mustensure that you will not be guarded by you through the two doors, the closet, and the bed.

The sound is probably the neck of the Five Nights in Freddy’s 4. You must listen carefully for breathing and moving, closing the doors and easily using your torch. Unlike previous games, wherethat security cameras keep you away from the horrors in the dark, in this chapter they are so close that they almost feel their breath. It makes it the most terrifying FNaF ever.

Sharper than ever

The story is set in 1987, and the boy you play is trying fivenights due to his birthday to survive in advance, which is celebrated in the pub of Freddie Basber! You will probably easily survive the first two nights in your room, because the game teaches you how to manage the monsters in the dark and how to play.

At night three,five nights at Freddie 4 is tense, terrible experience and the difficulty is much greater. If you like horror, five nights at Freddie 4 respects the promise of jumping and delicious tension on the legs.

One of the criticisms of the series in general is the re-use of similar jumps in a jump. HereChapter Four, the developer Scott Cawthon has expanded the diversity of fears, so every monster in the game will scare you in his own unique, terrible way. Though it is more terrible than ever, it’s a shame that all five nights have just been spent in your bedroom. Alittle more different zouwelkom- Is there more in the house than in your bedroom, after this is really the end?

This is described as “the last chapter of the original novel” Five Nights at Freddie “, which is a subtle way to say that this is probably not the end of a series in general. But, perhaps, the investor will requirenew stories in the future, but it will surprise me if his next game does not signify and terrify the clique. So, do not worry if you want more shaking like Five Nights on Freddie 4.

In short, five nights at Freddie 4 is the scariest part of the series ever, and most polished, thanks to the improvedanimations. The game cleans some of the mysteries of previous episodes, but also makes several new ones. Is this another indication if we really did not see the end of Freddie and Co?


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