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Canada Goose Parka Ghost fishing by gillnets arguably do the most harm because of its use in many tropical small scale fisheries. Governments are even providing subsidies and promoting its use. Thus, the first suggestion will be for governments not to subsidize and to refrain from promoting gillnets as part of the livelihood program. This has generated a lot of jobs as there are the suppliers of bamboo, the wives became the weavers of the pots etc. More importantly, it eliminated ghost fishing of lost gillnets whose catch was estimated to be 20% of the total annual landings!another way is for fishing gear technologists to promote the construction of gillnets where highly degrable material are placed at specific locations that will allow the nets to fold and collapse and not capable of catching other organisms once lostSedeer agree that material type and subsidization of the new types could be a good motivator for reducing the tangle events out there. Nets that go out in boats must come back in, always (on some schedule/rotation), and this schedule and tracking would be would be audited. This way nets would always be accounted for, rather than discarded or abandoned when to difficult to retrieve or hunt down. If the users of nets were responsible for lost nets, and fined heavily for abandoning them, this might reduce the amount of material out there. Make it a huge downside to lose or abandon a net. But couldn’t there be some way to tag monofilaments so they are retrievable, locatable via GPS or radio wave transmitters? I know it might sound expensive but there are tons of RFID tags used on other devices, and they aren’t expensive. Used in lots of field work applications. What does everyone think Canada Goose Parka.