Emmys 2017 wins for San Junipero! Black Mirror won two Emmys for Season 3 episode San Junipero.The series’ most uncharacteristically upbeat episode, featuring two women falling in love, was honoured with the trophies in a star studded ceremony Los Angeles ceremony, hosted by Stephen Colbert.Charlie Brooker went onstage to pick up the awards for Outstanding TV Movie and Best Writing for a Limited Series, Movie or Drama for the 80s set romantic episode.Season 3 episode Nosedive, starring Bryce Dallas Howard, was nominated for Outstanding Cinematography.Charlie Brooker tweeted a sweet picture of San Junipero’s stars, Gugu Mbatha Raw and Mackenzie Davis, hugging while holding the award.Social media fans stunned as Charlie Brooker thanks wife Konnie Huq as he scoops writing award at the 2017 EmmysThe latest on Season 4 TV streaming giant Netflix has released two pictures from Black Mirror Season 4.The first photo shows a starry cast full of US TV stars, including Cristin Milioti from Wow I Met Your Mother, Jesse Plemons from Fargo and Breaking Bad, plus Jimmi Simpson from Westworld and House of Cards.They’re all dressed in what look like Star Trek uniforms, and seem to be onboard a spaceship.There’s also a callback to much loved Season 3 episode Nosedive, in the form of Chewing Gum’s Michaela Coel. She played the air stewardess who had a showdown with Bryce Dallas Howard’s Lacie.Watch the trailer for Black Mirror season 4 and get ready for a new wave of sex, science fiction and horrorThe second picture is from the Jodie Foster directed episode Arkangel. Rosemarie DeWitt (who was Midge in Made Men and also in La La Land) can be seen cringing as a little girl is injected in the head.The woman in a lab coat, and sterile environment, are at odds with the toys and child size chair in the background.

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